Take notes whenever imagination strikes and later add these notes to a notebook and arrange them as  chapters, scenes or paragraphs and write a book, blog, essay or report. A writer writing a book can organise notes as chapters where each note corresponds to a chapter or as scenes where each note corresponds to a scene and write a book. Similarly you can arranges notes in the notebook as paragraphs and write a blog, essay, report or paper. You can also add photos to a notebook. As Notewrap is a looseleaf notebook, you can add, remove, rearrange and remix notes & photos inside a notebook just by dragging e.g. a note (chapter or scene) and dropping it to a position where you want inside the notebook. Once your final draft is ready simply export to pdf, plain text, rtf etc. When you export to pdf Notewrap automatically wraps the chapters to pages, adds page numbers and creates the pdf for you. Notewrap also provides manuscript format option and automatically creates pdf in manuscript format for writers interested in submitting books or stories to publishers.