Markdown Format


The markdown format is a popular text formatting style where you use texts rather than tags to format and style text, as we use texts to format the text it becomes very easy to read  and not so hard to write it. That’s why it is very popular formatting style to write and format blog posts, as most blog sites have plugins or tools to easily convert markdown to html, so it’s easy to upload markdown formatted text files to your blog site. With Notewrap you don’t have to learn or understand markdown formatting, simply use the elegant text formatting interface of Notewrap and start writing blog notes, photo notes or create notebooks from within the app on your mobile device such as the iPhone, iPad or the Macbook and  once ready, share or export the note, photo note or notebook to markdown, you can export to iCloud or your local drive and then import or simply copy markdown to your WordPress or blog site most of which will have markdown editor, plugin or other tools to easily convert markdown to html and create blog posts.

Export to Markdown

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 Pro Max - 2020-07-07 at 19.52.09
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 Pro Max - 2020-07-07 at 18.56.24

To export to markdown, simply go to that note, tap the export button as shown in the first screenshot, it will present the share note view, tap the markdown row which will present the share view from the bottom as shown in the second screenshot, your note as in second screenshot is now ready to be shared or saved in markdown format, to share with an app such as mail or messages, select the app and to save to iCloud select Save to Files row,  it will let you select a directory where you would want to save the note in markdown format. Once on iCloud you can import or simply open and copy the markdown text to the markdown editor on your blog site.

Import Markdown to your Website

To import markdown to your website e.g. install the WP Githuber MD markdown plugin on your WordPress site, to install simply search for markdown, it should show you as the first item in the search result, once you install don’t forget to go to settings for that plugin and check the posts option, when you add a new post on your site it will show you the above markdown editor, simply go to iCloud where you exported Notewrap note, photo or notebook as a markdown, open it using any text editor on your Mac or PC, select all text and paste it in the text box of the editor, it will immediately show you the preview of the markdown on the right, you can further preview the entire blog post, save as draft or publish the blog using the publish options on the right of the screen, that’s it, your beautiful note with all the formatting gets created as a new blog post.