Notewrap is not just another note taking app, it’s a loose leaf notebook which allows you to add, remove, remix and rearrange notes & photos, it has an elegant daily dairy to take backdated and postdated notes and view notes by days and above all it’s an app created for writers so that they can write on the go whenever imagination strikes.

Notewrap has been designed to make note taking as simple as possible, it has a simple and elegant user interface with calendar as home screen, search notes, photos & notebooks on the right and favourites on the left. Each view has a toolbar at the bottom and navigation bar at the top with buttons to perform various tasks. Simply swipe left or right to navigate from the home screen and to return back.

To compose a new note simply tap the compose button on the calendar view, write the title of the note and then start writing notes in the notes text section, there is a text format toolbar which is shown just above the keyboard which can be used to format the text, you can style text in various formats such as bold, italic, underline etc., you can add bullets to it, you can also use the align button to use the align options to align text.Once you are finished composing the note simply tap done.

You can also create a photo note on Notewrap, to do that tap the camera icon to click a new photo or the photos library icon to pick a photo, a new note with the photo will be displayed, write the title and add notes to the photo and tap done to save.

Whenever you compose a new note or a photo note, it will give you an option at the bottom just above the toolbar to pick a notebook, just tap that to choose a notebook of your choice to add the note to that notebook.

To edit a note or a photo note you can view it from the calendar through the day view, or you can search from the search view which will show you a summary of all the notes for the search text, simply tap the summary to open the detail view and start editing the note, tap done to save.

You can set text format settings for new notes, to do that tap settings and then tap text format, you can apply the default settings, there are 3 options available – Manuscript if you are intending to write in standard manuscript format, default if creating any other regular notes like essays etc. and system if you prefer to use the San Fransisco font, you can also set your own custom text format setting by picking a font of your choice and setting other attributes such as size, line spacing, paragraph spacing etc. note that the text format settings will be applicable to all new notes and photo notes.

When you edit a note or a photo note, you can tap settings button for that note and change font size and line spacing and write with a size that you are comfortable with.

You can export a note, photo note or even an entire notebook to various file formats such as plain text, rtf, pdf etc., to do that you can go that particular note or notebook and tap the export button.

You can also publish and print the note or notebook in pdf format, Notewrap automatically wraps your notes & photos into pages and adds other information such as page footer with page numbers and creates the document in pdf format.

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